Have you been slandered by Doug Maguire (Douglas Anthony Maguire?

Who has Doug written about on slander site socialmediasmostwanted.com ? The following names have been written about

Alison Maynard, Sonja Mullerin, Jennifer Morrell, Steve Quest, Justin Harvey, Felix Pantaleon Jr., James Dowell, Montragraph, agent19, Frank Jardim, James fetzer, Jim fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Alex Jones, infowars, SCOTT BREITENSTEIN, Anthony Simonetti, Michael Yuri, Dutchsinse, Harry Abner, Forrest Jamison, Caleb Payne, Erik Nikolas Pearson, Louis Leo IV, Shirley Pantaleon, Shirley Pantaleon Nunez, Tony Mead, John Michael, Alexis Del Palazzo, Christopher Sebastian Bently, ROBIN C. WEIGEL, Michael Caserta, Cass Ingram, Elena Nannoshi, Laura Mcgarry, Andrew Crumbie, Glen DeCarle

Douglas Anthony Maguire


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